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Therafirm Support Socks, Knee Highs and Tights

THERAFIRM® support socks, knee highs, stockings and tights. Affordable, cool and comfortable, all with true gradient compression to assist you each day with whatever task you need to get done without anything holding you back. Fashionable, made with the greatest technology, and they not only look good, they feel good too. Keeping your health foremost, the results are day and night, allowing you to go further, longer and still feel your best. Additionally THERAFIRM® gradient compression hosiery garments are made using Micro-Cool® process. Micro-Cool® creates a wicking effect so moisture evaporates from the skin quickly, therefore providing a comfortable coolness. THERAFIRM® gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote better blood flow and assist in preventing swelling. THERAFIRM® is 100% made in the USA in our own manufacturing facilities. What does mmHg stand for? mmHg stands for millimeters of Mercury. This measurement is used to measure pressure. Since gradient compression hosiery exert a gradually decreasing amount of pressure up the leg, this unit of measure helps express the amount of pressure the wearer will feel.

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